Title:A Christmas Tale.
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fenderlove
Rating: PG.
Notes: The following is set in one of the AUs created by Brian Lynch in the ID Angel comics in which Angel managed to rescue Connor from being kidnapped by Holtz but pushed his friends away in the process and his continuing paranoia. Angel turned to Spike as the only person left who he trusts to care for toddler Connor in his absence.
Summary It's Christmas, and it looks like Santa's running a bit late.

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From TFAW.com

I haven't read the blurb for this. I don't want to because I'm not going to actually read these comics, but Jenny Frison = Pretty Spike. Even pretty bloody Spike. Still pretty.

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Prince Hal approves.

I'm seriously being very nostalgic about Spike and Angel at the moment. God, it amazes me how I still love my Spangel-y ship. I saw this awesome GIF set of the Cavemen vs. Astronaut scene, and I almost started crying.

To this day, this remains one of the funniest scenes I have ever watched. Over a century of a relationship is so succinctly culminated into a simple concept— cavemen vs. astronauts. Spike, a vampire of instinct and reaction, knows that the cavemen would win, but there’s a part of him that needs the cavemen to win. Uppercrust, genteel “evolved” society offered nothing to William Pratt; it made him the subject of ridicule, but becoming a vampire allowed him to give into his baser self and his primal urges and ultimately led him to something he views as greater than what he was. In the same vein, Angel needs the astronauts to win. He needs to know that his constant struggle against what he was (both as Liam and Angelus) is going to bring him to a better place, going to let him win, be the man that he wants to be. That’s why they are better together than apart, but it’s also why they will always be at loggerheads with one another. They bring out the best and worst in each other because they literally are the best and worst of each other.

… But the cavemen always win.

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William Pratt & William Buxton

God damn it all, how are you both so adorable?!

I tried to find a cute higher res GIF of William from FFL (then again, given the production quality of a lot of BtVS episodes, I'm not sure higher res images exist), but alas they were either not in colour or not resizable to 245x200.
The Return to Cranford GIFs were made by Nimueeh@Tumblr.
I've been hanging around Tumblr a lot lately, and an artist that I've been following on there asked for some requests, so I put in a good word for Spike (of course) with a note that, if the person was not a BtVS/Ats fan, that Gambit might be a good choice as well. This was the result--

Made by the incredible OYONOK!

*SQUEE* Spike's so annoyed about Gambit being so tall. XD
Some of you might remember Victor Drujiniu's incredible sample pages for BtVS S9 that were sadly removed from Deviantart due to some misunderstanding along with his character sheets for Buffy, Angel, and Spike. However, there is good news! He has reuploaded the sample pages (and hopefully the character sheets will follow). I love his artwork, and no matter what the story was I might have bought these comics had he been chosen to continue to the story (even if that story was shit).

Story Sample A:
Page One: Buffy, Angel, and Spike are in a late Georgian-esque hotel (possibly in Europe). Buffy sits on her bed with her computer while Angel stands around and Spike rummages through a drawer. There are maps and notes stuck all over the crumbling walls. Angel seems particularly grim (as he should have been given what transpired in Season Eight), and Spike says something with a smirk, and Buffy looks like she's going to punch one or both of them.
Page Two: Angel takes a defensive posture, saying something, as Spike continues his scavenger hunt. Spike hands Buffy something, possibly the mini-cam for her laptop. Buffy pulls up a communications system and is able to talk to Xander via the Interwebs.

Story Sample B:
Page One: In what looks to be Buffy's old Sunnydale house, Xander and Buffy are having a conversation in the kitchen (which has been remodeled to look more medieval-y and has more brickwork). Xander appears to be more serious in the conversation than Buffy is as she pours milk into a bowl (of cereal?). Spike appears in the doorway, nonchalant. Xander seems confused, pointing to his neck. Perhaps, Buffy replies, and Xander appears shocked. Looking rather amused, Buffy continues to eat her cereal.

I don't know what the full extent of these storylines were or if they were just randomness handed out for the potential artists to draw, but I like these. The artwork is phenomenal.
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It's no secret Tom Hiddleston is my latest obsession, and as I was scrolling through Tumblr, I saw a gorgeous image.

It feels good to be posting fandom-related stuff again. *hugs to you all*

Title: Shopping Spree.
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] fenderlove
Rating/Warnings: Totally NOT WORKSAFE. This illustration contains Spike wearing a corset and other sexy undergarments (some people would say that he's "in drag," but I don't view it as that), and there is suggested discipline.
Description: Spike goes sexy lingerie shopping with someone else's credit card... and now he has to deal with the consequences.
Notes: Consider this in the same league as my other corset!Spike piece, All Dolled Up, and my fanfic, Versailles Undone.

This is my very belated Christmas for my partner in crime, [livejournal.com profile] lilithbint!

Partial Preview:

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I swear if I don't get a Deadpool/Spike crossover in some form or fashion, I will rain down all holy hell. Wade Winston Wilson vs. William Henry Pratt-- Who will conquer? Who will continue to mourn the loss of Bea Arthur? Who will demand a Hippity-Hopp race?

You might be asking who Deadpool is, so here's the best version of him ever (aka Nate's animations from "Deadpool and Friends"):
A Quickie with Deadpool: Episode 1.
I'm giving myself fifteen minutes before I teach my next class to write a fic. And go!

Title: The Hills of Concrete Lies.
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fenderlove
Rating: PG/Worksafe.
Summary: Spike and Angel are on a quest.

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You know, I love you. I appreciate all of you, those who I talk to, those who I don't talk to as much, those who are here for fic, those who are here for art, those in fandom, those not in fandom, those I have met, and those I have yet to meet. We may not agree, and we may not like the same things, but I respect you. My hope is that if I have ever said something that someone, anyone, disagrees with or that I made a comment that clashed with your opinions, that everyone understand that what I say is never meant to be directed at the person; it's meant to be a criticism of a show about fictional vampires and monster hunters. I've got people on this f-list that fell out of fandom a long time ago, and I care about them just as much as people still in fandom (and I thank them all for keeping me on their f-lists even though I mostly post fandom stuff). I thank everyone who puts up with the fact that I'm slower than frozen molasses when it comes to posting... everything. I've got people of every shipping preference possible, and as much in-fighting goes on on message boards, my f-list is relatively harmonious, given that we all seem to be inter-friended. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.

ETA: I just realized I had not checked my friend requests in forever, so I've got to add some people who have added me, so I'm going to leave this an open post...
I thought I would share a little artwork I did today of the NPCs from my Vampire: the Requiem game I'm starting. I've still gotta colour this, but I want to wait until I have the descriptions of all the players' characters (I'm going to add them in cameos inside of a styled border around the main image). I can't wait to get the game going next week! I've got a really neat storyline cooked up for my players.

Some of you are going to recognize a familiar face in here... Some of you might even recognize two. If you recognize three to six, you get a cookie. :D

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I bought some RPG/LARP books tonight- World of Darkness and Vampire: the Requiem. I've really missed roleplaying (*waves to my Bard friends*), and I thought I would try to get a came going here. It's going to be Rutherford County: By Night. :D We're going to be starting as a tabletop RPG at first to get things started (I'm just beginning to learn all the ins and outs of a Storyteller). MTSU's campus will make a great gameboard. XD

ETA: Thanks to a friend cleaning out her house, I now have a third Sideshow Spike doll. I have one that's MIB, one that's OOB for display, and now this one is the one I get to customize. His poor nose has the paint rubbed off like all the others that I've got to fix. Damn Sideshow's packaging!
I've been rewatching BtVS episodes in French to help me in my language class, but... My God, was the final scene in "Wrecked" the most out-of-place thing ever? I don't know why it never bothered me so much before, but Buffy, sitting on her bed surrounded by garlic and clutching a cross to her chest, just seems utterly ridiculous. If she was that worried about Spike descending into her bedroom like a ghoul, I would have been holding a SuperSoaker filled with holy water and a crossbow (given the fact that de-inviting him would be out of the question with Willow going through the magicks withdrawal). And when have any of the shows vampires really been afraid of garlic anyway? Spike eats pub food; there's bound to be garlic in that. I sorta want to know what would have happened if he had come by...

Spike: "Hey, Buffy, are you trying to make your bedroom smell like the Olive Garden? I love that place. It's like eating in the kitchen of a delightful Italian stereotype. If you want to go, I've got coupons clipped fresh from the PennySaver-"

Buffy: "Go away! Can't you see that I'm trying to keep you away from my vagina?!"

Spike: "Oh, God, is there garlic in there too?"
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Have you ever shipped a couple because you think they deserve each other? I'm not talking about a "They're so wonderful! They deserve happiness!" kind of way, but rather the "I vehemently dislike them both. I hope that the sex is terrible and that they eventually kill one another after living a long and miserable life together" kind of way. I have that a lot in a lot of different fandoms. Shoujo Kakumei Utena has that several times for me. *glares at Touga and Utena*

On a more positive note, have you ever shipped Spike/Harmony? I have, and I have to tell you... If you let it be AU, and if you never let Spike go back to Sunnydale or sober up, he and Harmony are an adorable couple. I've got this ancient fic floatin' around about how they first met, and you know, I like it. They are like a vampire Barbie and Ken. You put him back on "a mission" though, and he turns into a right bastard of a boyfriend from hell... and yet, Harmony's not even remotely scared of him when he throws his tantrums. She giggles at him when he gets all puffed up and manly. Isolated, those two work 'cause he's needy, she's needy, and they can be obscenely cute together... However, allow either one to talk too much and it's all over. Hell, at times, Harmony's more perceptive than Spike is... and actually a little bit smarter about staying out of danger. Give that some time to roll around in your brain; it'll give you a migraine. XD
Hi, all. I thought I would share something that I've been working on for a while-- my Buffyverse fanon timeline. These are basically dates that I use when I'm writing most of my fanfics to keep up with backstory and such. It's quite insane extensive, I think. I'm still working on formatting it, spellchecking it, and making sure that I've got everything accounted for (this has been copied and pasted from like four different Word documents).

What's included: Canon material from both shows, quasi-canon material (from the Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires comics), random material from various sources like other comics and novels that I enjoyed, and my own fanon creations from my fanfics (and also from writing fanfic with [livejournal.com profile] kidcyclone. Believe it or not, I've kept things pretty much the same for Spike's family history since I started writing fanfic back in 2000.

At the moment, this timeline only goes through the end of S3. The details from the show aren't that... well, detailed. I was more interested at those points about getting major events, such as character deaths, and the in-between stuff. Also, be warned that there may be some stuff out of order because I'm still arranging and re-arranging.

To make it easier, for myself and others, I've italicized any fanon stuff. You'll notice that even in some canon entries I've italicized a few things because the details within the canon material were not clear or I felt too much like I was making an assumption.

Enjoy the depths of my madness! :D

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No, this isn't a thesis on the ecumenical politics of the Whedonverse... I just wanted to leave you with this...



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