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( Jun. 27th, 2012 01:07 am)
Seems like this is all I'm posting lately, but I'm finding that having the chance to input my numbers and see my progress is giving me something to look forward to after writing each day. It's really been helping me trudge through the chapter, I think.

4253 / 80000

I'm at 5%! ETA: The first chapter is complete! Whee! :D
I've been hanging around Tumblr a lot lately, and an artist that I've been following on there asked for some requests, so I put in a good word for Spike (of course) with a note that, if the person was not a BtVS/Ats fan, that Gambit might be a good choice as well. This was the result--

Made by the incredible OYONOK!

*SQUEE* Spike's so annoyed about Gambit being so tall. XD

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