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( Nov. 12th, 2012 10:52 pm)
So, Thor 2 is currently filming in London and will be there for the next two weeks.
Here's some pics on this Tumblr!
Thor's hair is adorable! All those wee braids! OMG!

In related news, Tom Hiddleston, the boy who plays Merlin, and Eddie Redmayne (sp?) were at the Moet event, and they all looked cute as hell. Hiddles even wore a jumper that had little cut-outs for his thumbs in the cuffs. He's a precious baby angel that brings joy to my world.

ETA: I'm in a better emotional place than I was a few days ago. Still not 100%, but I just keep looking at pretty photos of Baby Hiddles to make myself feel better. How is he even real?
Set 1.
Set 2.
Set 3.

I think I spy new!Fandral and Hogun in some of the shots. Where is Volstagg? :( I still wonder if they're going with the storyline that starts out with Fandral being kidnapped by Dark Elves.

I also feel sorry for Tom Hiddleston. A Twitter account posing as the official Twitter of the film that had been posting links and set photos posted a promise that pics of Hiddleston in costume would appear by the end of this week. When the pics didn't come out, people apparently blamed TH for whatever reason. Hiddleston then apologized on his Twitter for the confusion, even though nothing about this was his fault. Good God, Hiddleston fandom is more insane than Marsters fandom has ever been (and we're pretty frickin' nuts at times).
I got to see it thanks to a friend for free, so no money went to anyone I don't like. I wish I could give all the actors, like, $5 apiece though for being so damned perfect. Should I clap because Whedon didn't royally fuck this up? Nah, I can just wallow in my bitterness that if he put half the effort into Season 7, 8, and 9 of BtVS that he put into this film, I wouldn't hate him as much as I do. In the immortal words of Tom Hiddleston, "Ehehehe!"

Spoilers below. )

You know, since Joss likes to claim that everything bad about his films is really the fault of other people (the Kazuis, the actors in his Alien film, FOX not understanding his vision), I'm just going to give all the credit for the good things in the Avengers to Zak Penn. It doesn't matter if none of his original screenplay survived to the final cut. I'm still giving him credit. How does it feel, Whedon, ya sad sack of old oats?! ETA: It doesn't help that I felt like most of the best lines in the film were ripped right out of the BtVS playbook. This is the first time I've viewed this film, and it was really bugging me the whole way through as I noted.
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( Jul. 21st, 2012 09:05 pm)
Someone uploaded Part 1 of Henry V on YouTube! *squee* Less than five minutes in and I've already seen a dashing Hiddleston on a horse (insert your own Loki/horse joke here) and heard a very breathless yet exuberant "ehehe!" This is already perfection (and John Hurt totally redeems himself after doing the FMV game Tender Loving Care).
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( Jul. 4th, 2012 11:42 am)
“Joss and I talked about the villains of human history, all the people in the course of the history of time who’ve tried to subjugate people, who’ve tried to get everyone else to bow down and kneel at their feet, and if you do any kind of amateur psychology on these guys, or not even amateur— books and books and books have been written on the fact that at rock bottom, they hate themselves. They don't have any self-worth; they don't have any self-approval, and so the only way they can get power or status is to get everybody else to physically be beneath them.”
- Tom Hiddleston, talking about his conversation with Joss Whedon and Loki's characterization.

The fanboy glee that Mr. Hiddleston has in regards to working with Whedon causes me slight pain in my soul. It's not my own hate for Whedon that does it (because I'm very glad that he is treating these actors with dignity and respect... probably because they cost too much not to). It's just that it reminds me of how Mr. Marsters used to speak of Whedon before things went sour. I will say, though, that if Whedon ever calls Mr. Hiddleston an "ingenue" or blames him for Loki's popularity over the "heroes" because he cries a lot, I will find Whedon, and I will get the Hulk to punch him in his big potato face. I'm sorry. I'm just having a lot of Hiddleston/Marsters parallel feels right now.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2012 03:45 am)
William Pratt & William Buxton

God damn it all, how are you both so adorable?!

I tried to find a cute higher res GIF of William from FFL (then again, given the production quality of a lot of BtVS episodes, I'm not sure higher res images exist), but alas they were either not in colour or not resizable to 245x200.
The Return to Cranford GIFs were made by Nimueeh@Tumblr.
Tom Hiddleston is like a British, slightly more boyish version of James Marsters. To hear Tom Hiddleston speak about Joss Whedon is like hearing James back in the early days of BTVS before he became jaded to Whedon's fickle nature. With that said, if Joss Whedon does anything to hurt or abuse any of the Avengers actors in any way (I doubt he could get away with some of the things he did prior to receiving a film of this budget yet...), I will rain down a fury upon his head like a mama lion protecting her cubs, especially in regards to Hiddles. I'm still strong on my Avengers film boycott, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that all the actors are precious bbs.

Also, I do not understand how getting the phrase "mewling quim" in a film is some kind of achievement, but according to Hiddles's interview with BBC Radio 4, Joss believes it to be a crowning glory of some sort. What in the world is he trying to prove? That he can get something by the American censors and executives? Guess what? It's not that hard. I'd like to introduce Mr. Whedon to the Animaniacs creators who got things by censors with a lot more cleverness than he ever will.
Yakko: *dressed as a detective, searching for clues* Help me search for prints.
Dot: *holding up the Artist Formerly Known as Prince* I found Prince!
Yakko: No, fingerprints! *wiggling his fingers*
Dot: *raises an eyebrow as she gives Prince (who looks very happy at the prospect) a glare* I don't think so.

It's 4AM, and I am very tired. It's been a long day... of looking at Thomas William Hiddleston. *le swoon*
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( Jun. 7th, 2012 01:14 pm)
It's no secret Tom Hiddleston is my latest obsession, and as I was scrolling through Tumblr, I saw a gorgeous image.



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