So, Thor 2 is currently filming in London and will be there for the next two weeks.
Here's some pics on this Tumblr!
Thor's hair is adorable! All those wee braids! OMG!

In related news, Tom Hiddleston, the boy who plays Merlin, and Eddie Redmayne (sp?) were at the Moet event, and they all looked cute as hell. Hiddles even wore a jumper that had little cut-outs for his thumbs in the cuffs. He's a precious baby angel that brings joy to my world.

ETA: I'm in a better emotional place than I was a few days ago. Still not 100%, but I just keep looking at pretty photos of Baby Hiddles to make myself feel better. How is he even real?

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Yes, he makes me want to write fic about him doing ridiculously adorable things, like helping baby ducks learn to swim. XD

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I just imagined Tom teaching the baby ducks to play ping pong... Oh, no, the mental image is too cute! XD

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