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( Jul. 4th, 2012 11:42 am)
“Joss and I talked about the villains of human history, all the people in the course of the history of time who’ve tried to subjugate people, who’ve tried to get everyone else to bow down and kneel at their feet, and if you do any kind of amateur psychology on these guys, or not even amateur— books and books and books have been written on the fact that at rock bottom, they hate themselves. They don't have any self-worth; they don't have any self-approval, and so the only way they can get power or status is to get everybody else to physically be beneath them.”
- Tom Hiddleston, talking about his conversation with Joss Whedon and Loki's characterization.

The fanboy glee that Mr. Hiddleston has in regards to working with Whedon causes me slight pain in my soul. It's not my own hate for Whedon that does it (because I'm very glad that he is treating these actors with dignity and respect... probably because they cost too much not to). It's just that it reminds me of how Mr. Marsters used to speak of Whedon before things went sour. I will say, though, that if Whedon ever calls Mr. Hiddleston an "ingenue" or blames him for Loki's popularity over the "heroes" because he cries a lot, I will find Whedon, and I will get the Hulk to punch him in his big potato face. I'm sorry. I'm just having a lot of Hiddleston/Marsters parallel feels right now.

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