Set 1.
Set 2.
Set 3.

I think I spy new!Fandral and Hogun in some of the shots. Where is Volstagg? :( I still wonder if they're going with the storyline that starts out with Fandral being kidnapped by Dark Elves.

I also feel sorry for Tom Hiddleston. A Twitter account posing as the official Twitter of the film that had been posting links and set photos posted a promise that pics of Hiddleston in costume would appear by the end of this week. When the pics didn't come out, people apparently blamed TH for whatever reason. Hiddleston then apologized on his Twitter for the confusion, even though nothing about this was his fault. Good God, Hiddleston fandom is more insane than Marsters fandom has ever been (and we're pretty frickin' nuts at times).

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