Tom Hiddleston is like a British, slightly more boyish version of James Marsters. To hear Tom Hiddleston speak about Joss Whedon is like hearing James back in the early days of BTVS before he became jaded to Whedon's fickle nature. With that said, if Joss Whedon does anything to hurt or abuse any of the Avengers actors in any way (I doubt he could get away with some of the things he did prior to receiving a film of this budget yet...), I will rain down a fury upon his head like a mama lion protecting her cubs, especially in regards to Hiddles. I'm still strong on my Avengers film boycott, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that all the actors are precious bbs.

Also, I do not understand how getting the phrase "mewling quim" in a film is some kind of achievement, but according to Hiddles's interview with BBC Radio 4, Joss believes it to be a crowning glory of some sort. What in the world is he trying to prove? That he can get something by the American censors and executives? Guess what? It's not that hard. I'd like to introduce Mr. Whedon to the Animaniacs creators who got things by censors with a lot more cleverness than he ever will.
Yakko: *dressed as a detective, searching for clues* Help me search for prints.
Dot: *holding up the Artist Formerly Known as Prince* I found Prince!
Yakko: No, fingerprints! *wiggling his fingers*
Dot: *raises an eyebrow as she gives Prince (who looks very happy at the prospect) a glare* I don't think so.

It's 4AM, and I am very tired. It's been a long day... of looking at Thomas William Hiddleston. *le swoon*
fenderlove: James Marsters with Romeo and Juliet quote over it. (Default)
( Jun. 14th, 2012 11:55 am)
Stop attributing all BtVS quotes to Joss Whedon, please. He didn't write every episode, he didn't direct every episode, so stop taking really good quotes written by other people and attributing them solely to Whedon. I'm sure some Whedon fans would be upset if something he did write, like "Once More With Feeling," was misattributed to another writer. If you can't find or are too lazy to look up who wrote what episode, then just attribute the quote to the character who was speaking. Television can be tricky because so many people have the potential to have input on what's being written (all the more reason to just attribute quote to a character instead). However, sometimes it's is like taking a quote from The Hobbit and attributing it to Peter Jackson instead of J.R.R. Tolkien just because Jackson is filming the movie. The quote may appear in both print and film, but Tolkien's the one who wrote it.

With that being said, did Whedon write Spike's speech in "Touched?" I was under the impression that Rebecca Rand Kirshner wrote the episode and therefore the speech was her writing. However, if someone said something in an interview or convention Q&A to say otherwise, I'd like to know to satisfy my own curiosity.

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