You know, I love you. I appreciate all of you, those who I talk to, those who I don't talk to as much, those who are here for fic, those who are here for art, those in fandom, those not in fandom, those I have met, and those I have yet to meet. We may not agree, and we may not like the same things, but I respect you. My hope is that if I have ever said something that someone, anyone, disagrees with or that I made a comment that clashed with your opinions, that everyone understand that what I say is never meant to be directed at the person; it's meant to be a criticism of a show about fictional vampires and monster hunters. I've got people on this f-list that fell out of fandom a long time ago, and I care about them just as much as people still in fandom (and I thank them all for keeping me on their f-lists even though I mostly post fandom stuff). I thank everyone who puts up with the fact that I'm slower than frozen molasses when it comes to posting... everything. I've got people of every shipping preference possible, and as much in-fighting goes on on message boards, my f-list is relatively harmonious, given that we all seem to be inter-friended. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.

ETA: I just realized I had not checked my friend requests in forever, so I've got to add some people who have added me, so I'm going to leave this an open post...

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