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( Feb. 21st, 2012 08:42 am)
Have you ever shipped a couple because you think they deserve each other? I'm not talking about a "They're so wonderful! They deserve happiness!" kind of way, but rather the "I vehemently dislike them both. I hope that the sex is terrible and that they eventually kill one another after living a long and miserable life together" kind of way. I have that a lot in a lot of different fandoms. Shoujo Kakumei Utena has that several times for me. *glares at Touga and Utena*

On a more positive note, have you ever shipped Spike/Harmony? I have, and I have to tell you... If you let it be AU, and if you never let Spike go back to Sunnydale or sober up, he and Harmony are an adorable couple. I've got this ancient fic floatin' around about how they first met, and you know, I like it. They are like a vampire Barbie and Ken. You put him back on "a mission" though, and he turns into a right bastard of a boyfriend from hell... and yet, Harmony's not even remotely scared of him when he throws his tantrums. She giggles at him when he gets all puffed up and manly. Isolated, those two work 'cause he's needy, she's needy, and they can be obscenely cute together... However, allow either one to talk too much and it's all over. Hell, at times, Harmony's more perceptive than Spike is... and actually a little bit smarter about staying out of danger. Give that some time to roll around in your brain; it'll give you a migraine. XD

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