It feels good to be posting fandom-related stuff again. *hugs to you all*

Title: Shopping Spree.
Artist: [ profile] fenderlove
Rating/Warnings: Totally NOT WORKSAFE. This illustration contains Spike wearing a corset and other sexy undergarments (some people would say that he's "in drag," but I don't view it as that), and there is suggested discipline.
Description: Spike goes sexy lingerie shopping with someone else's credit card... and now he has to deal with the consequences.
Notes: Consider this in the same league as my other corset!Spike piece, All Dolled Up, and my fanfic, Versailles Undone.

This is my very belated Christmas for my partner in crime, [ profile] lilithbint!

Partial Preview:

Click here for the full illustration in all its NOT WORKSAFE glory. )

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