Some of you might remember Victor Drujiniu's incredible sample pages for BtVS S9 that were sadly removed from Deviantart due to some misunderstanding along with his character sheets for Buffy, Angel, and Spike. However, there is good news! He has reuploaded the sample pages (and hopefully the character sheets will follow). I love his artwork, and no matter what the story was I might have bought these comics had he been chosen to continue to the story (even if that story was shit).

Story Sample A:
Page One: Buffy, Angel, and Spike are in a late Georgian-esque hotel (possibly in Europe). Buffy sits on her bed with her computer while Angel stands around and Spike rummages through a drawer. There are maps and notes stuck all over the crumbling walls. Angel seems particularly grim (as he should have been given what transpired in Season Eight), and Spike says something with a smirk, and Buffy looks like she's going to punch one or both of them.
Page Two: Angel takes a defensive posture, saying something, as Spike continues his scavenger hunt. Spike hands Buffy something, possibly the mini-cam for her laptop. Buffy pulls up a communications system and is able to talk to Xander via the Interwebs.

Story Sample B:
Page One: In what looks to be Buffy's old Sunnydale house, Xander and Buffy are having a conversation in the kitchen (which has been remodeled to look more medieval-y and has more brickwork). Xander appears to be more serious in the conversation than Buffy is as she pours milk into a bowl (of cereal?). Spike appears in the doorway, nonchalant. Xander seems confused, pointing to his neck. Perhaps, Buffy replies, and Xander appears shocked. Looking rather amused, Buffy continues to eat her cereal.

I don't know what the full extent of these storylines were or if they were just randomness handed out for the potential artists to draw, but I like these. The artwork is phenomenal.

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