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( Dec. 4th, 2012 11:09 pm)
I'm being published! I just got the notification that one of my short stories has been selected for an anthology! :D

I realize that I didn't have to wait as long as some people do to get a work published, and I probably didn't receive as many rejections as other authors have to go through, but it felt like such an eternity of waiting. I'm just beyond thrilled, and I can't wait to have some more information to share with you about the story and the anthology it's going to be included in soon! :D
*throws another rejection letter onto the pile* After the week I had, this is the last thing I wanted in my inbox. I really thought that this one would be the one that people would like. Should I email the editorial staff and ask for more information why this story "wasn't the right fit?" I feel like publishers just say that in hopes of not completely crushing a person's self-esteem, so it'd probably be pointless to ask. I know it's useless to get upset; I mean, hell, you'd think I'd be used to being rejected at this point, but I got my hopes up again like the fool that I am. I've tried different genres, different tones... Are my characters flat and uninteresting? Is it the dialogue? Are my ideas unoriginal? Is my writing just that awful? I'm tired of ripping myself apart in order to try and figure out why I can't write something publishable.

So much for NaNoWriMo this year. I guess I'll just stick to writing my thesis so I can fail at that too.
I haven't been in a theatre production in a long time, so I can't remember if there's a specific term for using the wrong hand to pick up a prop. It's not "crossing," is it?

Also, for you theatre aficionados, are there a lot of differences between British theatre and American theatre in terms of how performances are produced (terminology for the stage, financing, etc.)? I'm Googling for answers, but I'm not finding much.

And, finally, a question for English and British peoples: Are there a lot of young people (very early twenties) in your soap operas? American soaps seem to be boiling over with relatively young actors now, but what about yours? Are there stigmas attached to being in a soap opera in terms of getting acting work later? I have the feeling, given some of the British soaps I've seen, that there might not be any stigma attached because those soaps seems to be better quality in terms of acting than most of the American ones I've seen.
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( Oct. 6th, 2012 11:44 pm)
Novelette #1 has been sent off to the publisher to see if they accept it. It is a somewhat comedic horror/paranormal tale about a young woman who comes into contact with an ancient deity that charges her with a mission that she is quite reluctant to accept at first. It involves lots of baking.

Novelette #2:
206 / 12000

This story is about an aging stage actor in the latter years of his career, watching as a younger actor steps into the spotlight in the role he once embodied.
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( Oct. 4th, 2012 12:28 pm)
The novelette, as it stands:
6510 / 10000

Dear Story,
Write yourself.
The novelette, as it stands:
4077 / 10000

Gearing up for a large research project is not conducive to fiction writing.
The new novelette, as it stands:
2510 / 10000

I really want to start editing soon, so I'm trying to finish this up this weekend. :D
Other than that, I'm trying to write. However, forcing myself is producing some pretty lackluster results.

The new novelette started last night:
753 / 10000

The fantasy novel I've been working on since June:
6013 / 80000

Ironically, I am about 7.53% done with each of them somehow. Weird.
Things have been a little hectic what with the first week of school starting. I've already been doing a lot of grading. Plus, I've been working on an artwork for the winner of my Tumblr contest. I got a little... over-ambitious with it, so it's taking forever, but I think it'll be worth it. I might have time tonight to work on it.

In other news, I had a story submission deadline today, and I sent mine at about 2:30PM. I hope they received it. I had one of those moments where, after I submitted the story, I thought to myself, "Oh, shit... What I wrote isn't happy enough. They won't want this; it's going to depress people." And then I get a little sad myself, wondering why I can't seem to write happy things. All I write is angst. Angst with stupid cute things thrown in that nobody finds funny but me. *head-desk*

I finally sat down to write today... Something is better than nothing, I suppose. XD
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