I haven't been in a theatre production in a long time, so I can't remember if there's a specific term for using the wrong hand to pick up a prop. It's not "crossing," is it?

Also, for you theatre aficionados, are there a lot of differences between British theatre and American theatre in terms of how performances are produced (terminology for the stage, financing, etc.)? I'm Googling for answers, but I'm not finding much.

And, finally, a question for English and British peoples: Are there a lot of young people (very early twenties) in your soap operas? American soaps seem to be boiling over with relatively young actors now, but what about yours? Are there stigmas attached to being in a soap opera in terms of getting acting work later? I have the feeling, given some of the British soaps I've seen, that there might not be any stigma attached because those soaps seems to be better quality in terms of acting than most of the American ones I've seen.
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