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([personal profile] fenderlove Sep. 19th, 2012 12:30 am)
Just got another rejection letter for one of my short stories.

I should have known. Today has been a bad day, and I just knew something else was coming. Is this going to be the story of my life? I just wish I could figure out what I'm doing wrong. I was going to submit a story to Buzzy Multimedia magazine, but I don't think I will now because I'm probably just doing the same things that are getting me rejected elsewhere. I don't even know what those things are! Now I just have another story unworthy of publication to throw on the pile because I have no idea what to do with it. I'll just sit here with my self-pity and my rejected manuscript pile while I contemplate what to do next.

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*hugs you lots*

I know it hurts, honey and I am not going to offer you 'rah rah' speeches right now because i know that when *I* am hurting I just want to be given chocolate and hugs and for people to just let me be upset, so I will do that for you. (Well, not the chocolate since it would melt by the time it got to you, but the virtual hugs and the space to just feel badly and not have to apologize for it you have in spades.)


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*hugs* I wish things like this didn't get me so down. It ruins my ability to do just about anything else for at least a day afterwards.
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Do they not ever give you any feedback? Is it possible to ask for some?

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I don't think they give feedback. It seems like they have a lot of submissions, so they probably don't have time. The first time I got rejected from this publisher, they at least told me that it wasn't my writing (I'm guessing they meant grammar/spelling). This time it was just a form rejection letter.
(deleted comment)

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*hugs* I appreciate all hugs. I'm just very tired. The week started off bad, and I had a feeling it was just going to get worse.

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Fender I just saw this article that would have helped but I've forgotten where or I would send it to you! I was going to send it to my daughter but didn't.
It's about all these successful artists and the amazing amounts of rejections they got before success. One famous writer submitted 100 things before he got his first acceptance.

So don't give up, it's just part of the process!!

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Rejection is totally part of being a writer. It's the sucks-ass part. But seriously, I hear all the time from very successful writers that their bestseller was turned down by dozens of publishers before someone said yes. Most writers consider a personalized rejection celebration-worthy. It sounds like you've already gotten one of those which means you're doing better than a lot of aspiring writers. Have you checked out Absolute Write's forums. There's a huge community of writers (and editors)there. I've learned a lot reading their posts. If you become active in the community you can share work for criticism that isn't coming from a friend and will probably be more helpful.
Don't get too discouraged. *hugs*

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*hugs* I have a problem sharing my non-fanfic work with people I don't know personally (when I was first in college, I had someone steal something of mine that had been given to her for a crit, and she had it published in the college's literary magazine as her own), and the writers groups that are around where I live have too much in-fighting to get any substantial critiques. I'll check out that forum though and see if I can figure something out.

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I'm really sorry to hear this. But seriously, you have to keep trying. Everyone ends up with a pile of rejection slips at first, and what doesn't appeal to one editor might to another.

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I guess I need to find more places that will pay for short stories. I've done a lot of internet searches, but I haven't come up with much except self-publish sites. I just have this nagging feeling in my gut that I'm not "getting" something, that I just not writing the right things. I suppose if I amass too many more of these short stories, I should just make an e-book of them and sell it for a few dollars.

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I'm sorry to hear this my sweet :( *hugs* I know it may seem bleak, but hundreds of now famous authors out there went through your exact pain right now. Remember just because one place doesn't take your script doesn't mean that another place won't. Just keep chugging my dear, and you will succeed some day.

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Sometimes I wish I just understood why they didn't like something. I feel like if I substituted "Angel and Spike" or "Thor and Loki" or "Tony and Steve" into the story for my characters, I'd get a bunch of likes, favourites, and comments... but when I just write my characters being themselves, no one seems to think they're worth reading about. My mom says I shouldn't try so hard because it seems like some of the people making loads of money today aren't really trying. Then again, I couldn't live with myself if I made money that way.

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Spike and Angel were original characters at one point just like any other fandom before they became a fandom :) Have you thought about self publication? Quite a few folks made their way that way. The road to working in any creative field is a tough one. A lot of hard work and endless hours fine tuning your craft. Try not to get discouraged as these things never happen over night. Some author/artists literally bust their hump a decade before they see the fruit of their labors. Not saying that it'll take you that long, but as long as you don't give up, the sky is the limit :)

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