A friend of mine is having a Doctor Who-themed party at our local British pub (the Bunganut Pig), and everyone's dressing up... but I don't know who to go as! I have a pretty limited knowledge of Doctor Who, so I thought that I'd, perhaps, go as the Fourth Doctor (I have a scarf and a fedora), but another party-goer has called him. Someone else is going as River Song, and another person is going to be Donna.

If I had the clothing (or the hair), I'd go as Rose Tyler in her pink dress from "The Idiot's Lantern" or Madame du Pompadour or Ace or Romana 2... or even Captain John.

Can anyone give me an idea for a character with a fairly simple costume? It doesn't have to be a female character. I'm brunette with shoulder-length hair, short, and a pralle prinzessin. I also wear glasses. I guess I could be Tosh, but I was hoping for someone with a little more costume-recognition. Someone name a cool character I might cobble together a costume of! :D

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