I haven't had a chance to read A Song of Fire and Ice yet. I bought it, and I hope that the end of the semester will finally give me time to read it. I have a question that came to mind today while I was doing a bit of writing... Do the people of Westeros have names for the days of the week? If so, what are they?

It seems like George R. R. Martin has done a very good job of world-building (I watched the clip about the religions of GOT on YouTube and was very impressed-- Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] shipperx, for linking it a while back!), and I just started thinking about what it takes to build a world from the ground up. I pondered J. R. R. Tolkien for a while too. How do you even name things? How do the people of that world mark the hours? What do they call the months of the year? Do they even have a twelve month cycle? It's astoundingly complex to even begin to try to do. I think sometimes it's easier, in a way, to base things in a half-normal reality setting, like J. K. Rowling or C. S. Lewis. As I was taking a few moments to write in-between my office hours and class, I began to realize that I wish I could be one of these initial-s'appeler'd fantasy writers. I need better initials first... or, you know, actually write something fit for publication. XD

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