Spring Break is upon me. I only have to go teach my last class at 1:50PM, and then I'm free for the next week... Well, free in the sense that I don't have to come to campus; unfortunately, I still have a massive amount of work to do.

I do hope to get SOMETHING posted, either fic or art-wise, in the next few days. I just have been dead tired lately. I've pretty much been coming home, playing on Facebook for a few minutes, and then passing out. I've been having trouble writing because I think my eyes are too tired to focus; when I read, it's like everything glazes over. I don't think it's an actual eye condition (I'm legally blind as it is), but it's just my brain being too frazzled to let me see what I'm looking at. Also, it does not help that I often get distracted by comics nonsense when I get online, and then I get too riled up to edit or post anything besides rantings.

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