Hi, all. I thought I would share something that I've been working on for a while-- my Buffyverse fanon timeline. These are basically dates that I use when I'm writing most of my fanfics to keep up with backstory and such. It's quite insane extensive, I think. I'm still working on formatting it, spellchecking it, and making sure that I've got everything accounted for (this has been copied and pasted from like four different Word documents).

What's included: Canon material from both shows, quasi-canon material (from the Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires comics), random material from various sources like other comics and novels that I enjoyed, and my own fanon creations from my fanfics (and also from writing fanfic with [livejournal.com profile] kidcyclone. Believe it or not, I've kept things pretty much the same for Spike's family history since I started writing fanfic back in 2000.

At the moment, this timeline only goes through the end of S3. The details from the show aren't that... well, detailed. I was more interested at those points about getting major events, such as character deaths, and the in-between stuff. Also, be warned that there may be some stuff out of order because I'm still arranging and re-arranging.

To make it easier, for myself and others, I've italicized any fanon stuff. You'll notice that even in some canon entries I've italicized a few things because the details within the canon material were not clear or I felt too much like I was making an assumption.

Enjoy the depths of my madness! :D

Check this bad boy out! :D )

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