From Brian Lynch's Facebook:

Franco Urru, my creative partner on so many comic books, including SPIKE:ASYLUM, SPIKE: SHADOW PUPPETS, a ton of issues of ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL, SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL, the SPIKE solo series and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: RAPHAEL, has passed away.

I'll have more to say on the matter, I'm kind of at a loss right now. I will say that getting new pages from Franco in my inbox was the highpoint of any day. I was lucky to have worked with him, for sure. Without a doubt, Chris Ryall pairing us on SPIKE:ASYLUM was the best thing that ever happened to me in the world of comics. He spun my gibberish into beauty. But beyond that, I was just lucky to have known him. He was, in every sense of the word, a great guy. Warm, and genuine. He had a beautiful heart and I already miss him.

RIP Franco Urru

A presto

Franco Urru was truly an under-appreciated comic artist. His style was so unique and beautiful, appearing almost effortless, and I believe that he's the only person to accurately capture Spike on the page. I have been worried about Mr. Urru's health since he had to take a break from IDW's final Spike series. My condolences to his friends, family, and colleagues.
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