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( Feb. 19th, 2012 06:05 pm)
I had a rather off night last night what with realizing that I have completely misplaced a fanfic file... Still can't find it nor any of my notes on paper about it... and, apparently, I never saved any of my research links, and now that I've gone looking for them again, I can't find any of them. Christ on an effin' bike.

So, Victorian-lovin' friends of mine, does anyone know of any material about common occupations for middle class/upper middle class Victorians in London (or any of Middlesex's surrounding counties) between 1800-1880? Yes, most upwardly mobile Victorians didn't want to do any kind of labour, but some did. I'm specifically looking for educators (of the fancier public variety for younger children and college-level professors-- their credentials, their own educational background, social standing, etc.) and bankers. The only resources I have at my deposal at the moment are Tom Brown's School Days and Mary Poppins, and I've exhausted VictorianLondon.org and Victoriana.com.

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