When I imagine what Spike's hair looks like when it's free from gel/hairspray and not slicked back, I've always imagined it looked like this...

(Click for full-sized, from GOTR's new Tumblr.)

The part of his hair and the little swoopy curls it makes just reminded me of William. So much so that I squeed.

Now, imagine how horrified I was to see that image first on Tumblr, and then to see the following as I scrolled down...

Warning: GORE AND SPOILERS. The following image contains movie make-up gore and blood. If you don't like thinking about or imagining how Spike and/or James would look like with his face all beat to hell, then DO NOT LOOK. Also, if you don't want to be spoiled for the ending of James episode of Metal Hurlant, you probably don't want to look either. )

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