Mathew Buck (aka Film Brain) reviews "The Avengers" after seeing an early UK release of the film. This review is SPOILER FREE for those who are interested.

FB: "What Joss Whedon has created here is possibly one of the best superhero films ever made. He has delivered everything you possibly could have wanted from this massive crossover. It is a Masters class in audience gratification, and you can tell in every single frame of this movie that he knows the characters, knows their personalities, and knows how to handle them. Considering the amount of characters here and the amount of backstory here in the Marvel film continuity, the fact that Whedon not only successfully performs the balancing act but manages to make it look easy is quite an accomplishment."

And yet Whedon can't or doesn't want to handle his own creations anymore. How ironically tragic or tragically ironic (which is just the kind of thing Whedon likes). Despite good reviews, I stand by my earlier pledge not to see this film in the theatre or to any way, shape, or form give Joss Whedon any more of my money or to add to the box office. I might see the film at some point in the distant future (though I have stuck to my pledge to never watch "Titanic," "Pearl Harbor," or "Wedding Crashers," and I haven't, thank God), but I will not be paying for it (no, I will not be pirating it). I'd rather give my money to someone who hasn't spat upon everything that I once liked about them. That's why I spent money to buy a new G. R. R. Martin book and Season One of Game of Thrones, but I did not spend money to see "Cabin in the Woods" or "Star Wars: Episode I" in 3D. And it's also why, in the future, I will be buying J. K. Rowling's new book to give her a chance outside of Harry Potter. George Lucas and Joss Whedon are on my "To Don't" list until a miracle happens and I actually like something that they do with characters that actually belong to them.

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